Quality in focus

KSM stands out for the quality of its products and services.

Quality is a key focus of our efforts. A process-oriented and stable quality management is the basis for the long-term quality assurance of our conventional and safety critical components. This quality management approach is constantly being developed and has been advanced worldwide. Our goal is a wide integration of requirements from different management systems for quality, environment, energy, health and safety and data protection.

Quality starts in the mind

Company quality systems and product quality are inseperably linked

– and quality starts in the mind. At KSM we achieve a quality mindset by conscious engagement and expertise of our employees, by innovative efforts and the application of state-of-the-art technologies in our production and administration.

We target and select new employees of the appropriate mind-set and allocate resources for employee professional development to secure and guarantee a high human resource quality level. Moreover, the involvement of our employees in business processes, challenging tasks and the delegation of responsibilities promote their competence and awareness towards quality.

The result is excellence in quality which is appreciated by our customers.


Quality commitment

The KSM Castings Group takes responsibility for quality

– and advances the quality culture throughout the company from the ownership, to employees and customers.

Customer-orientation and the meeting of all agreed-upon customer requirements are important principles of our company management. We take on the responsibility  of meeting all legal and official requirements that are relevant for business activities. We have clear criteria and targets for the determination, realization and constant control of our sustainable policy regarding quality, energy, health and safety. We strive for the “zero-defect-objective” product delivery and the continuous improvement of all administrative and technical processes.

We provide all necessary resources to put our company policy into practice and we promote an open communication culture between all employees, irrespective of hierarchy and position.

When doing business with customers, suppliers, authorities and employees, the KSM Castings Group is compliant with all agreements, rules and regulations.

Proven quality of products and processes

KSM applies recognized best practices testing methods to assist development and production processes. All plants are equipped with the necessary equipment and the knowledge and experience to use it. Trust is a good thing, but a robust control system is even better!

We conduct a variety of standardized test procedures across our global locations. Among them are spectrometry, x-ray inspections and dye penetrant testing as well as manual and visual test methods. These are used for material testing, CNC dimension checks and non-destructive testing. In addition, special test methods such as residual dirt analysis, leakage tests, CT and dynamic resonance tests complete our test portfolio.

All test methods are used to control and guarantee the quality in our production processes. With spectrometry, we determine and control material compositions. Destructive tests such as tensile testing, hardness testing and metallographic tests are part of the material tests and follow international standards. X-ray examinations are carried out according to DIN EN ISO 9712 by radiographic inspection with visual and automatic image evaluation and dye penetrant tests according to DIN EN ISO 3452. In addition to the above mentioned tests, we use both standard and specialized measuring instruments, gauges for manual and visual test methods.

Certified system

KSM follows and complies with international standards for the quality management.

All global sites are certified according to the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. We regularly prove compliance of maintenance and development of our quality management systems through customer assessments and in audits carried out by authorized certification companies.

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