The KSM Castings Group

The KSM Castings Group is a global manufacture and development partner of automotive aluminum and magnesium cast components.

Our solutions and products meet the core requirements of our customers: value-based service, resource-friendly and energy-efficient production. Our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers and partners and in the quality of our products around the world.

The economic strength of our company is the basis for our innovation and growth of our market presence.


Your vision is our incentive – KSM Castings Group.

We support your product from initial concept through series production. We launch a new product considering all factors in the process chain – from product specification through process simulation. We provide high quality work in all phases of product and system development in close cooperation with our customers and partners to deliver the highest quality results.

Quality is our number one objective. We take all the necessary steps to ensure a quality component in production including FEA calculations, prototyping, and validation testing.

In 2019 the KSM Castings Group GmbH with the subsidiaries in Germany and Czech Republic generated a turnover of 360 Mio. EUR with approx. 2.350 employees.

History of KSM Castings Group

Timeline of KSM Castings Group upper part
Timeline of KSM Castings Group lower part
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