What does Compliance mean?

“Compliance“ simply means to follow all laws and guidelines, as well as any voluntary agreements, rules and ethical principles. Within the KSM Castings Group, compliance is of critical importance and taken very seriously.

In order to guarantee compliance of laws and agreements, KSM management has adopted a Code of Conduct which applies to all of our business activities. This code applies to all of us without exception. Each of us is expected to comply with these rules and to act in accordance with them.

This applies not only to our employees but also to our customers and suppliers.

Of course, our Code of Conduct cannot define behavior for every business situation, but it can be considered as a guideline for appropriate behavior. Each of us is obliged to follow the relevant requirements.

Compliance is not an abstract concept, but a binding and mandatory requirement. At KSM, this implies both precautionary measures such as information and training as well as monitoring and control of inhouse-processes.

Violations of the law or any non-compliant behavior can lead to significant consequences and will not be tolerated within our company. By following this Code of Conduct, we reduce risks and help secure our business success on a sustainable basis.

We put great emphasis on the prevention of misconduct. Each employee should submit an anonymous notice when being aware of potential violations of the Code of Conduct. All notifications by employees are considered strictly confidential. We will investigate each possible case of misconduct and take any necessary measures.

You can contact our compliance officer via email or by phone under +49 5121 505 4944.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (Februar 2020)
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