Occupational Safety

Occupational safety

Occupational safety and health have a high priority with us. The core instrument for the systematic and continuous optimization is risk assessment. The aim is to identify hazards before injuries and illnesses incur.

Open Communication

We want to inform all customers, suppliers and the immediate public about our environmental activities.

Emergency Organization

Business disruptions can not be completely avoided. So that a “breakdown" does not lead to environmental degradation, we have built a working emergency organization. All employees will be made, ​​as part of regular training and briefing, familiar with measures to be taken in an emergency.

First Priority is the Human Being

An ergonomically designed work space, good working conditions and a clean environment are basic human needs. From the risk assessment, or the assessment of the environmental aspects, potential improvements are identified and measures derived.

Many measures for improving the health of our employees also contribute protection. And, many environmental protection measures contribute to the health of our employees.

Within the KSM Castings Group the human being is in the first place. Only with satisfied and motivated employees can we reach our long-term business objectives. To ensure this, we operate our extensive labor and environmental protection.

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