Purchaising Material

Purchaising Material

Aluminum die casting and subsequent treatment
Aluminum primary alloys
Aluminum secondary alloys
Aluminum master alloys
Automation equipment
Assembly parts for die casting
Abrasive chips

Blasting systems
Blasting glass beads

CNC tools
Compressed air systems
Conveying equipment
Casting machines
Chill molds
Crane systems
Crane-operated ladles
Circular saw blades

Die casting machines
Die castings for small job lots
Die casting molds
Die casting plungers
Disposal services
Die coatings

Endless saw blades
Erection services
Electrical materials
Emulsion for machining

Flash removal presses
Fire-proof material
Foundry filters
Foundry process materials

Graphite melting pots
Gray cast iron
Grinding belts

Hand tools
Hydraulic fluid (highly flammable)
Hydraulic clamping equipment
Heat transfer oil

Isopropyl alcohol
Inspection gauges
Industrial gases

Lab supplies

Machining tools
Machining centers
Molding and core materials
Mold cavities for die castings
Magnesium alloys
Machining of aluminum castings
Metering machines
Melting and processing salts
Machine tools

Office equipment
Office supplies

Protective clothing
Printed material
Pouring items for die casting
Plunger lubricants
Plastic molded items for die casting
Planning and engineering services
Packing material

Rubber-metal parts for die casting
Repair of machines and systems

Shop and business equipment
Surface machining
Stampings for die casting
Stainless steel abrasives

Testing machines and equipment
Transport containers

Venting systems

Work protection items

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