The KSM Castings Group is a full-service supplier; your partner from development and testing to mass production. Our advanced global engineering team has creative development resources for process, product and systems engineering, is ready to assist you during this process.

In all phases of development we use advanced simulation programs and tools. We are continuously developing enhanced production technologies for the advancement of our competitive advantages.

Benefit from early involvement from our global network.


Product development

It is our claim which accounts for our quality.

We support you from the very beginning of your product development to offer fully optimized components and systems designs. This way, the demands of the later series production are addressed from the start to improve production process reliability. Feasibility studies based on packaging envelope space, loads, constraints and performance specifications allow for early discussion of a technically and economically optimal solution.

As your development partner, we optimize the component design to your weight, strength, and performance targets using the most capable and economic casting technology. We have extensive experience in the use of advanced simulation methods with proven success.

We also work closely with our development partners, including the steel, plastic and aluminum extrusion industry. This means that - even beyond our current manufacturing processes – we consider a broad spectrum of development, simulation, test and validation requirements.

In addition, KSM operates an accredited test center for component strength and cycle testing to verify prototype and series production properties and component service life.

For 3D CAD applications we work with Catia V5, Creo2.0 and SiemensNX11, among others, and for FEM with HyperWorks (HyperMesh, OptiStruct, Radioss, FEMFAT) and Abaqua. We use DXM Data exchange for our data transfer as well as customer portals.

Together, we provide you with sophisticated, rapid, optimized results.


Process & Material Development

Efficiency and process safety for your products.

The know-how of our developments is the path to an optimal solution for you, starting from the function of the component, with your weight, quality, and cost requirements always in mind.

Process Development

We consistently optimize existing processes and develop new processes to advance our production capablities:

In 2000, the KSM Castings Group started the process of Counter Pressure Castings on a prototype machine. Today, millions of wheel carriers and knuckles are manufactured for various vehicle platforms on fully automated machines in six locations in Germany, China and in the USA.

In series production, we manufactured one of the first weldable high pressure die casting chassis components in the Controlled Vacuum Casting (CVC®) process without any pre-treatment of the component surface.

KSM Casting Group also played a key role in the development of the inorganic binder system used today with our multi-tilt-mold casting (MTC®) process to produce millions of fuel pump housings annually.

Materials Development

An optimal manufacturing process starts with the casting raw material. It is the fundamental basis for critical engineering attributes such as strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, and last but not least, price.

We successfully work in close cooperation with universities, institutes and industry partners on the development of new alloys and the optimization of existing alloys for our manufacturing processes.

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