KSM veröffentlicht DNK-Bericht 2022

Hildesheim, September 2023:
KSM publishes its 2022 Corporate Sustainability report

The KSM Castings Group has published its CSR report for the 2022 financial year according to the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK) compliance statement.

The consortium’s report comprehensively covers goals, measures, and activities on various sustainability issues according to DNK stipulations. “The submission of the CSR compliance statement provides an important basis and guidelines for achieving CO2 neutrality, as we aim to do by 2045,” says Heinrich Hanekop, KSM Castings Group sustainability manager. “It supports us as we systematically refine our sustainability strategy. KSM prepares an annual sustainability report and thus complies with ever-stricter transparency requirements for economic, ecological, and social aspects of sustainability.

The DNK’s Sustainability Code is a cross-industry standard for reporting corporate sustainability performance. It is internationally applicable and supports sustainability strategy creation. To meet requirements, users prepare a declaration concerning 20 predefined criteria from sustainability-relevant areas: risks, strategies, goals, and key performance indicators.

The DNK is supervised by the German Council for Sustainable Development (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, or RNE) at the behest of the German federal government. It can be used by companies of any size or legal structure.

The KSM Castings Group’s CSR report is publicly available in our media portal and in the DNK database.

KSM Castings Group is one of the leading automotive suppliers for aluminum cast components for chassis, transmissions, engines and e-mobility. Together with its parent company CITIC Dicastal, the KSM Castings Group employs around 4,100 people at production sites in Germany, Czech Republic, Morocco, USA and China. Customers include OEMS and suppliers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, ZF, Bosch, Volvo, BMW and Magna. In 2022 the company generated global sales of 878 million euros.

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