HAJ Hannover Marathon 2018

HAJ Hannover Marathon 2018

Proud winners, bright sunshine and top ranking for the KSM Castings Group at the HAJ Hannover Marathon 2018!

Hannover, April 8th 2018: 23 runners started for KSM at the HAJ-Marathon 2018 in Hannover and again held top positions under the more than 20.000 participants this year.

Vít Pavlista, our hope for the podium – an extremely fast runner from Czech Republic who currently prepares for the Olympic Games – was among the KSM participants. The hope was fulfilled: Pavlista was the winner over the distance of 10km in a time of 00:31:20. His colleague Michaela Omova also reached the podium in the women’s competition and finished as number 3 with 00:38:42.

Even the other 10-km specialists made excellent positions with some of them finishing among the Top 100: Jan Schulhof (place 6, 00:33:48), Jindrich Srsen (place 83, 00:42:42), Jonas Franzki (place 93, 00:43:16), Stefan Tyman (place 362, 00:51:06), Sadik Senkul (place 657, 00:55:27), Ulf Rohé (place 746, 00:56:33), Sebastian Kohla (place 1043, 00:59:38), Michael Spreinat (place 1172, 01:01:28), Alexej Romaschow (place 1278, 01:02:32) und Alexander Schneider (place 1902, 01:13:38). Our two women, Romy Schneevoigt (place 410, 01:00:01) and Alissa Smirr (place 1478, 01:13:38), left no questions open with their results.

Marvin Thews (place 1686, 01:48:22), Robert Brüning (place 2331, 01:53:52), Ludek Cernohorský (place 2086, 01:55:59), Jan Lieckfett (place 2798, 01:57:34), Mirko Leopold (place 3881, 02:07:34) and David Brychta (place 4096, 02:09:46) finished the half-marathon with excellent results and rankings. Monika Lamping finished the women’s competition in an excellent time of 01:45:57 and reached place 255!

In the supreme discipline marathon, the first finisher of the KSM-Team was Ole Wichmann with a time of 04:22:06, closely followed by Stefan Geisler with 04:26:39. This is place 1162 and 1214.

All in all a great event at perfect weather and with an excellent team. Thanks to all colleagues who came to Hannover and congratulations for your top performances!

Background: The KSM Castings Group is a leading producer of automotive lightweight components for chassis, transmissions, engines and steering. Specialized in aluminum and magnesium components, KSM strives for the top position in both technology and quality. As an important supplier to the global automotive industry, the company is already among the top employers. Reliable partnerships, customer orientation and cost effectiveness are essential key points of the company’s strategy. The basis, however, are first-class employees.

KSM operates 9 production plants in Germany, Czech Republic, USA and China with a total of approximately 3,600 employees. Among its customers are the major automotive producers and automotive suppliers like Volkswagen, Daimler, ZF, Benteler and Bosch. In 2017, the company group achieved a turnover of approximately 564 million EUR.

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