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Counter Pressure Casting

A modern casting technique for producing light-weight components subjected to high stress in the vehicle construction industry.

Process features

  • Solidification of the melting charge at elevated pressure
  • High feeding pressure during the back-feed phase
  • Controlled and low-turbulence mold filling
  • High degree of automation

Basic principle

Counter pressure casting is a tried and tested casting technique which is used for the production of extremely high quality aluminum castings. The basic principle of this procedure is similar to that for conventional low-pressure die casting. The primary difference is that in this process not only the furnace is pressurized, but also the permanent mold area.

These two factors result in a distinctly enhanced quality of the casting microstructure and, thus, in better component properties. On the basis of this feature, counter pressure casting is well-suited as the production process of choice for highly stressed safety components, for example those used in the vehicle manufacturing industry (wheel carriers, swivel bearings, etc.). In addition to enhanced quality and a higher degree of automation and short cycle times, the counter pressure technique also provides a distinctly higher material yield than the conventional permanent mold casting process.

The first facility of this type in Europe was installed at the Hildesheim site in 2002; after intensive testing during a pilot phase and further development for chassis items this system is now ready to be used for serial production.

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