„Whats Next?“ – Berufsorientierung digital. KSM Castings ist dabei.

Hildesheim, December 2021: „Whats Next?“
– Online career guidance. KSM Castings is on board.

HILDESHEIM. November 2021 saw the launch of “What’s Next?”, an online video format offering career guidance. As one of the region’s largest employers and automotive suppliers, KSM Castings was naturally on board. It presented the company’s wide range of training programmes for school leavers – including technical, industrial and commercial apprenticeships and dual study programmes.

Training manager Jörg Gustke and apprentice Marlon Andres from the KSM Castings Group answered the questions of young people in their final two years at school, such as: What does a casting mechanic do? What skills and qualifications are in demand? What is particularly interesting about the training, and how much do apprentices earn? The two KSM representatives gave a brief introduction to the company. They also explained which automotive parts are made in Hildesheim and other locations, and what kind of work is done by apprentices.

The training manager stressed the fact that KSM has been running training programmes for more than 30 years – and every apprentice who successfully completes their training is not only offered a permanent job, but also excellent opportunities to develop and advance in their chosen careers. A high degree of automation means that all apprenticeships and dual study programmes are suitable for male and female applicants (m/f/d/x) alike.

Watch the videos on YouTube:
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCAp_ami04I

KSM Castings offers apprenticeships (m/f/d/x) in casting/tool/industrial engineering, electronics, business administration and IT. It is possible to pursue dual study programmes in industrial engineering, production engineering, design engineering and business informatics.

The video format was developed by the Digital Pioniere from Hildesheim in close cooperation with Hildesheim Job Centre. It began its second round in December.

KSM Castings Group GmbH is one of the leading automotive suppliers for lightweight aluminium and magnesium cast components for chassis, transmissions and engines. Together with its parent company CITIC Dicastal, the KSM Castings Group employs around 3,800 staff at production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and China. Customers include automobile manufacturers and suppliers such as Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, ZF, Bosch, Benteler and Magna. In 2020, the company generated global sales €507 million.

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