2. KSM Tech-Days bei InterGuss Gießereiprodukte GmbH

Hildesheim, September 14-15, 2022: Second KSM Tech Days at InterGuss Gießereiprodukte GmbH

“Die venting, vacuum, and best practices” is the theme of the global Tech Days being held at InterGuss Gießereiprodukte GmbH’s premises this year. The two-day event will be led by Rolf Gerschwinat, process engineering team leader for the KSM Castings Group.

The workshop featured lively discussion and technical presentations about such issues as various ventilation concepts, chill blocks, vacuum technology, ventilation block service life, and special patented InterGuss geometries and materials. Practical examples, including on-site filling simulations and cavity pressure measurement for test facilities, clarify how these processes can be used in the real world. Ahead of the event, InterGuss analyzed so-called problem parts from various KSM plants so that, as part of the event, expedient solution suggestions could be presented and undergirded from a physical and technological standpoint.

The goal of this year’s Tech Days was reducing rejects, optimizing process stability, and achieving the greatest possible sustainability. All KSM branches cooperated to develop solutions and generate meaningful information about sustainability, costs, and utility and discussed them for upcoming projects. Of special note were the casting technologists from the plants in the Bergisches Land. There was also support from external specialists.

The topics envisioned for the third Tech Days have already been announced: die temperature control, jet cooling, and laser-sintered cores.

KSM Castings Group is one of the leading automotive suppliers for lightweight aluminium and magnesium cast components for chassis, transmissions and engines. Together with its parent company CITIC Dicastal, the KSM Castings Group employs around 3,700 staff at production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and China. Customers include automobile manufacturers and suppliers such as Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, ZF, Bosch, Benteler and Magna. In 2021, the company generated global sales €570 million.

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