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Hildesheim, July 2022: Low-emission foundry –
consistently good results for KSM in the EU Green Foundry Project

The results of the EU-funded Green Foundry project were published in July 2022 as part of its official final report. The gravity die casting foundry run by the KSM Castings Group in Hildesheim not only achieves consistently good emission values but also provides a reference point for good technology in the areas of sand handling with inorganic binder systems and suction. Taking part in this project required a large amount of data gathering and testing, which was carried out by the Finnish firm Meehanite Technology in March 2022.

The aim of the project was and is to identify the environmental impact of the European foundry industry by introducing new technologies for sand molding systems – based on the idea of implementing new inorganic binder systems in foundries. The use of modern sand molding systems based on inorganic binders would have a major positive impact on the environment and the economy, leading to increased competitiveness in the industry.

However, the project also considered questions and carried out comparisons relating to the disposal of organically and inorganically bound foundry sands. The comparison covered the experimental side of iron, steel, and aluminum casting, and the two types of binders in series production were evaluated.

On-site emissions testing was also a critical factor. For example, the concentrations of total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), various hydrocarbons, carbon, sulfur dioxide, aldehydes, phenols, and dust (fine dust, metal) were measured and recorded in two areas – emissions and the work environment. Some of these material compounds can cause cancer or lung disease if high levels are present in the ambient air, and they constitute hazardous waste when bound in another substance, such as sand.

One of the key objectives of the KSM Castings Group is to continuously improve its performance in terms of ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. This risk analysis regarding air quality and emissions in the immediate work environment now helps it to make a targeted assessment and take any steps that may be necessary. Carlos Santos, Operations Director of KSM Castings Group, comments: “We are pleased that the emission measurements have shown that we are well below the legal limits. We are committed to ensuring a good work environment for our employees because they are the key to our success.”

By participating in the Green Foundry LIFE project supported by the EU’s LIFE environmental program, the KSM Castings Group is not only contributing to sustainability, but also demonstrating corporate responsibility – towards its employees and the environment. This new milestone underscores why KSM has been officially recognized as a “Climate Protection Company”.

KSM Castings Group GmbH is one of the leading automotive suppliers for lightweight aluminium and magnesium cast components for chassis, transmissions and engines. Together with its parent company CITIC Dicastal, the KSM Castings Group employs around 3,700 staff at production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA and China. Customers include automobile manufacturers and suppliers such as Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, ZF, Bosch, Benteler and Magna. In 2021, the company generated global sales €570 million.

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