KSM with own fire brigade

Ready to start in 5 minutes – KSM’s own plant fire brigade is also allowed to operate at fires in the city

Since last week, the KSM fire brigade, managed by the fire officer Christian Anders, is officially approved as ”part-time plant fire brigade”. On 12. April 2016, Uwe Lührig, the President of the Police Department in Göttingen, handed over the certificate of approval of the Department of the Interior to Dr. Marc Mateika, the plant manager in Hildesheim. This was accompanied by a 13-page extract from the fire safety law of Lower Saxony. With the company’s own fire truck, MAN LF 8/6, the troop of 37 is allowed to use the fire siren and blue beacon and the radio channel of the official fire brigades. All members of the KSM fire brigade are also members of the voluntary fire brigades of their communities. 24 are allowed to carry breathing apparatus.

The decision to organize a company-owned fire brigade was made in 2014 in conjunction with the decision to further develop the Mg production. "Magnesium is a metal which, once ignited, cannot be extinguished with water“, explained Mateika. "For this reason the fire truck is equipped with pyro bubbles, apart from 600 l. of water. This fine-particle granulate can extinguish the flames within very short time."

"From a purely legal point of view, KSM is not obliged to have its own fire brigade. However, the fact is that nobody is as familiar with the plant premises, the processes and the material magnesium as our own staff. Within a maximum of 5 minutes, we are at the scene," said plant fire officer Christian Anders. The KSM troop could already demonstrate its competence at an unannounced inspection by the division commander Siebelt Ubben, the head of the Fire Protection Department of the police department in Göttingen. Furthermore, the KSM fire troop perfectly worked together with the professional fire brigade of Hildesheim and the voluntary fire brigades at a fire at a Mg casting machine on 24. October 2015.

The KSM fire brigade is not only responsible for the safety of the plant. It is also dispatched for any kind of assistance that might be necessary in the city, e.g. in case of emergency such as environmental contaminations or electric power breakdown. "Not only do we protect our company, its production and the health of our employees with the investment of 200.000 Euro in our plant fire brigade. But we also take social responsibility for the whole city", said Franz Friedrich Butz, CEO of the KSM Castings Group.

Among the high ranking guests at the ceremony were a lot of firemen: Country Fire Chief Josef Franke, City Fire Chief Thomas Bartels, the head of the professional fire brigade Klaus Schmitz as well as representatives of the voluntary fire brigades and neighboring plant fire brigades.

Background: The KSM Castings Group is a leading producer of automotive lightweight components for chassis, transmissions, engines and steering. Specialized in aluminum and magnesium components, KSM strives for the top position in both technology and quality. As an important supplier to the global automotive industry, the company is already among the top employers. Reliable partnerships, customer orientation and cost effectiveness are essential key points of the company’s strategy. The basis, however, are first-class employees.

KSM operates 8 production plants in Germany, Czech Republic, USA and China with a total of approximately 3,300 employees. Among its customers are the major automotive producers and automotive suppliers like Volkswagen, Daimler, ZF, Benteler and Bosch. In 2015, the company group achieved a turnover of approximately 520 million EUR.

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