Light Metal Products

The KSM Castings Group manufactures components and systems made of aluminum and magnesium for the automotive industry in modern casting and manufacturing processes and under the observance and being conscious of the strictest environmental standards.


With Controlled Vacuum Casting (CVC®), Gravity Die Casting and CPC (Counter Pressure Casting) we are well established in the manufacture of crash-related chassis components with high demands on elongation and strength.

We assure the quality of your products by automatic x-ray systems, fluorescent penetrant inspection and by monitoring material properties using spectral analysis and destructive testing.

Product examples:
- Subframes
- Structural Nodes and Brackets
- Cross Members
- Wheel carriers
- Knuckles
- Pedal bracket systems


Using High Pressure Die Casting machines with clamping forces ranging from 400 to 3200 tons, we produce high production volume, complex geometry products in aluminum and magnesium for all areas of transmission, engine and driveline applications.

More than 80% of the die-castings we produce are machined on state-of-the-art CNC machining and assembly units.

Product examples:
- Cylinder head covers
- Pump housings
- Camshaft carrier
- Transmission housings
- Clutch housings
- Transmission internals
- Valve bodies


With Controlled Vacuum Casting (CVC®) we produce crash-related body components with high demands on elongation and strength.

Product examples:
- Shock towers
- Side members
- Cross members
- Node elements


E-mobility is a significant focus for us – both in the process development and in the production of prototypes and readiness for series production. For this emerging market we have already produced prototypes and pre-series components with great success. We also have advanced feasibility design, engineering and planning to allow these efforts to be adapted and scaled to our higher production volume processes.

Product examples:
- E-engine/motor/stator housings
- Battery housings
- Body components
- Innovative axle drive concepts