Kooperation KSM Castings Group und Universität Hildesheim

Hildesheim, 03. June 2019: Cooperation between KSM Castings Group and University of Hildesheim

Cooperation between the KSM Castings Group and the University of Hildesheim Working Group Information Technology.


Cooperation between KSM Castings Group and University of HildesheimFor the students of the Foundation University of Hildesheim, local partner companies are of great importance to gain practical experience already during studies. This year, KSM Castings received the Partner Certificate during the 41. Meeting of the Working Group Information Technology.

Cooperation between KSM Castings Group and University of Hildesheim“For us and for the local economy in general, the partnership with the Foundation University of Hildesheim is of great importance”, stated Christoph Salentin, the CFO of the KSM Castings Group. “We have a high need for committed young academics with good soft skills and modern competences, not only Industry 4.0. Therefore one remark in our own interest: We currently have one vacancy for our dual degree program “Business Informatics”… Apply now!” Christoph Salentin expressed his thanks for the good cooperation to Mark Diederich, Head of the IHK Hannover and Prof. Dr. Julia Rieck from the University of Hildesheim.

Almost 50 guests from business and university took part in the meeting of the Working Group Information technology, which was held at the premises of the KSM Castings Group in Hildesheim.

The target of the discussion group is to strengthen the cooperation between the local economy and the University of Hildesheim in the long term. Students can use their knowledge and qualifications already during their studies in economics internships, project works and their thesis to solve problems of practical relevance.

Among the partner companies of the University of Hildesheim are the Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, the Compra GmbH, The DokumediaS GmbH and the Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH, apart from KSM.

After welcoming the guests and a short introduction of the company, Christoph Salentin started with his kick-off presentation about the project “Digitalization in Production” and addressed an issue of immediate interest. Prof. Dr. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme from the Institute of Informatics at the University of Hildesheim, talked about “Deep Learning”. Prof. Dr. Julia Rieck and Jan Busse, both from the Institute of BW and WI of the University of Hildesheim, gave an exciting lecture on “Optimum Production under Consideration of Volatile Energy Prices”.

Dr. Felix Hahne from the University of Hildesheim reported about the cooperation with partner companies and the structure and contents of the study program and underlined once again the importance of networking between the University and economy. At the end of his lecture, Mark Diederich and Prof. Dr. Rieck passed the partner certificate to KSM.

Prior to the meeting, KSM organized a plant tour to get to know the company in a vivid way, which was accepted very well.

photos: Dr. Felix Hahne, Universität Hildesheim; Sandra Dichter, KSM Castings Group

Background: The KSM Castings Group is a leading producer of automotive lightweight components for chassis, transmissions, engines and e-mobility. Specialized in aluminum and magnesium components, KSM strives for the top position in both technology and quality. As an important supplier to the global automotive industry, the company is already among the top employers. Reliable partnerships, customer orientation and cost effectiveness are essential key points of the company’s strategy. The basis, however, are first-class employees.

KSM operates nine production plants in Germany, Czech Republic, USA and China with a total of approximately 3,500 employees. Among its customers are the major automotive producers and automotive suppliers like Volkswagen, Daimler AG, ZF, Benteler and Bosch. In 2018, the company group achieved a turnover of approximately 539 million EUR.

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