Betriebssportmannschaft BSV Fritz Völkel ist Vize-Europameister

Bordeaux, June 2023:
Company sports team BSV Fritz Völkel is Vice European Champion

BSV Fritz Völkel became vice European champion at the 24th European Company Sport Games – the European Company Sport Games – from June 14th to 18th, 2023 in Bordeaux, France.

The preliminary and intermediate rounds went perfectly: the team around trainer and coach Norbert Brisch won the preliminary round games 5:1, 5:2 and 10:3, the intermediate round games 2:1, 6:3 and 5:3. Accordingly, the team confidently reached the round of 16.

This curve of success was continued in the round of 16 and quarterfinals. They won the semifinals 2-1 against Team CD Pena Ceda el Paso. In the final they finally met the Dillinger Saarstahl kickers. Unfortunately, the BSV Fritz Völkel Kicker lost the match 0:4.

Nevertheless, the 17 players and their coach are happy about the vice-champion title. »The European Championships in Company Sports were a very successful tournament for us this year. European Vice Champion is a great result – even if we would liked to have been European Champion for the third time,« says coach Norbert Brisch. The BSV Fritz Völkel team has won many titles since it was founded, including the German Championship several times. And Brisch is confident: »We are a super motivated team and look forward to being there next time again – and then we will be the European Champion.« In addition to the active players, many others are also involved in the success of the team, including the support of the plant management and executive board and last but not least the owner of the KSM Castings Group, CITIC Dicastal.

More than 7,500 athletes took part in 37 disciplines at the European Company Sports Games 2023 in Bordeaux.

KSM Castings Group is one of the leading automotive suppliers for aluminum cast components for chassis, transmissions, engines and e-mobility. Together with its parent company CITIC Dicastal, the KSM Castings Group employs around 4,100 people at production sites in Germany, Czech Republic, Morocco, USA and China. Customers include OEMS and suppliers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, ZF, Bosch, Volvo, BMW and Magna. In 2022 the company generated global sales of 878 million euros.

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