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We manufacture components and systems made of aluminum and magnesium for all automotive sectors using the most advanced casting and production processes, while adhering to the most stringent environmental protection standards.

Real-time-controlled die casting machines with mold clamping forces between 400 and 2,700 metric tons are used for this.

We also use the gravity permanent mold die casting method for the production of body parts and a pressure-supported permanent mold die casting method optimized with regard to cooling. Material parameters which achieve absolute process stability and properties stipulated in the specifications (comparable to forged aluminum products) can be guaranteed throughout all of our product sectors with the aid of integrated quality control circuits.

Small job lots and prototypes are produced using a particularly flexible Sand Casting Technique optimized to achieve extreme dimensional accuracy.

Modern CNC machines are used for machining and assembly with integrated machining lines for industrial-scale production.

The stringent quality requirements placed on our products are implemented using the most advanced quality assurance methods directly in the process. This ensures that all standards are maintained in line with the certification requirements stipulated for the international automobile industry.

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