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DE-31137 Hildesheim
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This page provides you with an overview of information about KSM Castings and legal notices about our Internet appearance. Please refer to the contact address given above if you have any questions about KSM Castings, or any comments about the structure or contents of our Web site.


Dr.-Ing. Frank Boshoff (CEO)
Dipl.-Ökonom Carsten Gante (CFO)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zeuner (CSO)

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Court of Record: Hildesheim District Court HRB 3651


DE 280764238


CS77 Werbeagentur

Am Flugplatz 26
31137 Hildesheim
Telephone: +49(0)5121/99966-00
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Legal notices

Data security

KSM Castings is glad you’ve decided to take a look at our company and our products. You may be asked to provide personal information so that we can fulfill your request for information to the extent desired. This information is entirely voluntary. As a global company, KSM Castings operates a number of Web sites throughout the world. Any information that you send to one of our Web sites in any country can be transferred electronically to a server for one of our other sites in a different country. This information can then be collected, stored or processed in a country other than the one that such information originated from. Your personal data is stored in line with the data security and protection regulations valid for the country in which the Web site is operated. The specific Web sites contain detailed information about the topic of data security at those sites.


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If not otherwise indicated, all of the trademarks used on KSM Castings Internet pages are subject to trademark protection. This applies in particular for company logos and signs.



The information provided on this Web site by KSM Castings has been compiled with the utmost of care and attention and is updated regularly. Despite meticulous care, however, we can not rule out the presence of any errors. KSM Castings therefore provides no liability or guarantee with regard to exactness, completeness of up-to-dateness of the information presented on our Web site. This applies in particular to Web sites linked with our site by hyperlinks. These are external Web sites on whose contents we have no influence whatsoever. KSM Castings shall therefore not be liable in any way for the contents of such sites. Neither is KSM Castings responsible for the data protection measures implemented by the provider of such Web sites.KSM Castings reserves the right to modify or supplement the information or data provided at this site at any time, without previous notice. To the extent that our Internet pages contain information or statements oriented toward the future such statements are based on convictions and assessments by KSM Castings management and are subject therefore to certain risks and uncertainty. KSM Castings is not obliged to keep such forward-looking statements up to date. KSM Castings can, in no way, be held liable for such statements.

Licensing rights

KSM Castings would like to introduce you to an innovative and informative Web site - one which we hope will fulfill all your expectations. We would like to point out however, that any intellectual property contained on the site, including patents, brand names and copyrights are protected by applicable law. No license for the use of intellectual property of the KSM Castings Group is granted through this Web site. Copying, dissemination, reproduction, transfer or other use is not permitted without the express, written consent of KSM Castings.

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