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The KSM Castings Group GmbH

We are a development partner and producer of light metal casting products for the automotive industry.

The economic strength of our company will form the basis for the expansion of our market presence and for increasing our innovative power and competitiveness.

As an internationally expanding corporate group, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through value-added-oriented services and partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Our quality, environmental protection and safety-oriented corporate management system that we practice throughout the company lastingly promotes the fulfillment of our corporate duties.

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We use raw materials, energy and water sparingly to preserve natural resources. We are constantly improving the environmental compatibility of our production procedures and work processes with the goal of reducing wastes and emissions. Each employee assures that the legal requirements valid for our company are upheld.

The foundation on which our success is based, and the driving force behind the continuous improvement of our processes are our motivated and qualified employees. Information and further training are indispensable prerequisites for awareness and actions based on economic competitiveness, quality assurance and environmental protection.

We uphold our public, social and ecological responsibility by creating a working environment which our employees can be proud of and which offers them the opportunity for personal development and advancement.
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